Sunday, May 29, 2016

Its Plum Rainy season here

That means 8 days of rain, high humidity and lots of interesting smells coming from everywhere.   We are still working on finishing up school(maybe 4 more weeks!!) and then moving across town end of June.  The days are fast and the weeks are faster.  Life is very full, and I'm thankful!

Here's a few pics to update you on our happenings around here. . .

Lawrence turned 9 on Dec 11.  Mark decorated the cake!

He chose laser tag as his birthday party!

Lukes buddy Jenna

ER visit for Emma, she busted her chin outside on a step.  Pretty expensive super glue

Marks Birthday Dec 21

Caroline turns 11!!!! Feb 1

She chose a "Can you Get Out" room , but was a bit dispointed as we couldn't get out. . . it was all in Chinese!!


Play date with dance buddy

Hands up!

Trip to Thailand!  Thanks Zoe, thats 4 kids for you!

Tai Iced Tea with Laura who was in town to help with childcare!

Root beer in Thailand!!  Luke kept asking for more "beer"


Iced Coffee this time around

To the caves

And Monkey Island

Watch out Uncle John!

Back home for our annual Chinese New Year with out friends parents

Got some new towels on line.  Oops, they are from BotteryBarn. . . Haha

Annual Spring Day celebrations

Our first ever April fools joke on the kids.  We told them that shots are good for them, and that they would protect them from diseases.  They all thought they were going to the doctors and we took them to McDonalds for breakfast!!  Caro is really worried.

Judson turns 7 March 29!!!

He wanted Strawberry Shortcake for his dessert

And laser tag for his party

Off to get our teeth cleaned, and Lawrence needed an xray 

And then, there was that time that Mark went to play baseketball against his wifes better judgement and tore his Achilles.  
I'm sorry, I just had to post this picture.  He's finally walking again, without crutches, almost 2 months later!!

Mom and Dad came for a visit and Dad rode the bike while I did my long Sat. runs!

Mom gave the boys mowhawks.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Christmas Pictures by Anita

Life has been a little more hectic than usual, what with a next day trip to the States and all!  And then Lawrence's 9th birthday(pics to come at some later time).  I panicked after a failed attempt at a Christmas picture taken by my neighbor the day after we returned from the states.  My friend Anita came to the rescue last Sunday after church and took some excellent photos, in the rain I may add!  All the ones outside are in the rain!!

Where is Lawrence you ask?  He was upset with me at the time and wouldn't get his picture taken.  Family shots you ask?  I guess you'll have to wait for Christmas for those!!!